Rakeback: 33%
Sign Up Bonus: 100% up to $500 US players +
Network: Cake
Payment: Automatically paid on the 5th of each month
Rake Statistics update: Daily
Tournament/SNG Fees: Included
Deductions: Bonuses


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Cakepoker Rakeback

There is absolutely nothing complicated in the system of online poker. if you want to take part you have to pay rake at first and then gates of this game begin to open for you. This fee is called a rake and every poker player know that 2-3% from your pot must be automatically paid to the poker room. Otherwise it will stay closed for you.

But our site is ready to give you a wonderful possibility to return your money that you put in the game. And the only thing that you should do is to sign up on and new scope will occur a pleasant way for saving your money.

Cake Poker is one of the newest poker rooms but its popularity is gradually growing mostly because of profitable unique promotions. Besides good bonuses you can receive good Cakepoker rakeback in the rate of 33 percent. This rake back is automatically calculated and transferred to your Cake poker account every Friday.Cake rake back can become a good income for you even if you are not so succeful in poker as it is compounded whether you win or lost. So using this kind of payment you can receive money anyway.

With our service you will be able to feel how it is pleasant to get money from the poker room regardless your progress. Registration on the will give you a good possibility to return some part from your rake inputs and to get pleasure from the very game in internet space of poker.

Choose service of and try to get all the benefits from each your revenue to this poker room.