Refer A Friend

Welcome to the best refer-a-friend program on the net.

If you have a friend who is playing poker and has no rakeback deal you can help him get it and get some serious income coming to you every month without you doing anything for it.

We are happy to offer you the reward % no other program can match.

We wont offer you “17-20% if your players genereate $90,000+ rakeback per month” like other programs do. We find it offending to offer “superconditions” which no one ever gets. And we find it offending to offer 0-5% to the people who have just started and just because they haven’t made a big players base yet.

Our program is quite simple:

10% of your players’ rakeback If they in total generate 0-$15,000 rakeback per month.
15% of your players’ rakeback If they generate $15,000+ rakeback per month.

All you have to do to start making money right away is just get your friend click at your personal link and create an account with us. You'll get the link as soon as you register at RakeToCash: